GB WhatsApp Temporary Banned Issue Resolved March 2024

Update Date: March 18, 2024
Publish Date: March 18, 2024

Respected users of GB WhatsApp, if you search for this title and open this article, it means you face the same issue. We know you’re enjoying those advance features that the official WhatsApp doesn’t support. So sometimes some issues appear.

While mods WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp bring fresh breath with their advance additional features, there’s a little bit of risk involved. Some users have faced a temporary ban issue from WhatsApp due to their unofficial versions. It’s mainly a safety measure taken by WhatsApp to ensure the security and unity of their platform.

GB WhatsApp temporarily-banned

If you have to receive an in-app message stating your WhatsApp Account is temporarily banned, don’t dwell on it. It only means that you might be using an unofficial version of WhatsApp. But don’t panic just yet.

WhatsApp doesn’t punish you and ban your account permanently. They actually give you a warning before taking any action against your account if you have received the temporary ban notification, so it’s urgent to solve this problem and continue the journey of WhatsApp. We guide you on how you can solve the problem.

According To Official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp takes the security of its users very seriously. For privacy and security, we recommend that users download only from the official app stores or our Website. We help users to secure their accounts without any risk. 

WhatsApp Usually Bans Any Number For The Following Reasons.

  • Bulk message: Sending bulk text puts WhatsApp at risk and violates its terms and conditions.
  • Using WhatsApp mods: WhatsApp mods are the customized version of the official WhatsApp. These included more functions and customization possibilities. GB WhatsApp mods are also against the rules and regulations of WhatsApp. Thus, numbers using these mods are likely to get banned.
  • Sending inappropriate messages: Ass per the term of WhatsApp, you are not allowed to send inappropriate messages or information. If WhatsApp finds some content, it will block your phone number. 
  • People have reported your account. This is a very strong issue to get banned from your account. 

Well! Don’t worry because our article gives you the complete guide and updated solution for your GB WhatsApp account.

Type Of Bans

  • Permanent band: If your account is permanently banned, you can’t undo it forever, so it is best to get a new number.
  • Temporary ban: Your number will banned for a few hours or a few days, and it will be recovered.

How To Avoid The GB WhatsApp Ban Problem:

GB WhatsApp How To Avoid The GB WhatsApp Ban Problem
  • Add any group randomly 
  • Change WhatsApp mods to other mods or official.
  • Sign-in across multiple devices 
  • Share unsecured messages, photos, or videos.
  • Obscene and defamatory statements about any person or user.
  • Send any mail that may contain viruses or malware.
  • Send bulk messages to others.
  • Delete each successively. 
  • Randomly change admins in groups.
  • Broadcast spamming media
  • Send the message to someone for many times. 
  • Using the entire privacy menu without any restriction notice list

GB WhatsApp Temporary Ban Solution: 

If your number has been temporarily banned from using GB WhatsApp, and you want to know how to solve the problem of being temporarily banned on GB WhatsApp or how to unban a WhatsApp account. To be terminated, please continue to explore the article.  

In Your Way:

If you were banned after or before the installation of GB WhatsApp, follow these steps to fix the WhatsApp forbidden issue. 

  • Backup your chats from (GB WhatsApp setting > Universel > Backup and restore > Backup WhatsApp data)
  • Uninstall the GB WhatsApp from your device.
  • Download and install the GB WhatsApp from
  • Welcome to the latest version of GB WhatsApp and select “Restore backup.” After completing this step, click on “Agree and continue” and verify your phone number. Your GB WhatsApp is now normal.
GB WhatsApp download secreen short

Don’t worry if the app flashes during this process. Just open it again. If you still have the “temporary banned issue” after following the steps mentioned above. Please don’t give up and repeat the process.

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version:

Many users want to modify their WhatsApp and want to enjoy the advanced features that official WhatsApp does not allow. So, if you want to download GB WhatsApp’s latest version and enjoy these advanced features, we recommend you to download from our secure Website,, or click on the below button, and you will directly download GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp APK Latest version (2024) download
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GB WhatsApp Temporary Banned Issue Resolved March 2024
Respected users of GB WhatsApp, if you search for this title and open this article, it means you face the same issue. We know you're enjoying those advance features that the official WhatsApp doesn't support. So sometimes some issues appear.
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