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As we all know we need a source to interact with people due to the busy schedule of our daily lives. For this purpose, many people prefer live meeting applications like Zoom, Skype, Botim, etc. 

Aero WhatsApp APK

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Update Date: May, 2024
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We all are familiar with the well-known and most demanding application that is WhatsApp. This app is used to make video and audio calls, update status, and send videos, images, and documents. But, unfortunately, this app does not contain well-furnished features to fulfill the needs of users. For this purpose, many versions of WhatsApp have been developed by a third-party website. The versions have all the necessary tools that are required in any conversation. Here, this article brings one of the most amazing versions named “Aero WhatsApp” 

Aero WhatsApp APK Download

This app is very fabulous and has such amazing and magical features that can surely add a taste to your Chatting environment. Stay tuned with this piece of content to get more information about the application.

What is Aero WhatsApp?

The main query that can be raised in people’s minds is what is Aero WhatsApp? The reply to this question is, Aero WhatsApp is a furnished version of Original WhatsApp. The app contains many features including customization features, privacy and security features, and many more. We can easily utilize the features without any cost. Also, the app does not demand any penny to download. In this article, we are going to discuss all the necessary information about the app to satisfy our users. After discovering the app, you will surely try the application to avail the benefits of it. 

Information about Aero WhatsApp


Aero WhatsApp Old Version 10.10

Device Requirements

The limitations that are required from your Android to install the application without any restriction are given in the next bullets: 

  • Your Android device must be v5.0+ 
  • More than 90 MB of space should be vacant in your device 
  • Allow all the expenditures to download the application without making any blunder 

How to download Aero WhatsApp for Android?

To download Aero WhatsApp follow these steps and then you can install the application. The steps to download the application are as follows: 

How to download aero WhatsApp
  • The first step is to download the application from the provided link 
  • Then move towards the download of your device 
  • Open the Downloads, and open the downloaded file of Aero WhatsApp 

How to Install WhatsApp Aero APK? 

How to Install Aero WhatsApp

After completing the download, now just open the download Aero WhatsApp and pop up on the Install Button to initiate the installation process. 

Within a few seconds, the app gets installed and you can enjoy the app on your Android. 

How to download Aero WhatsApp on PC?

Installing any app on a PC requires an emulator. Without any emulator, you are not able to install the app on your PC. That’s why before downloading Aero WhatsApp on your PC, make sure to have an Emulator on your PC. Prefer the “BlueStacks Emulator.” After downloading the emulator just pursue the following steps: 

  • Download the application from the suitable link 
  • Open the emulator and then download the app
  • Pop up on the Install Button and give it seconds to complete the installation 

Boom!!! The app is on your Desktop Screen. Dear Users, you can easily enjoy applications on a PC and Laptop also. 

How to Backup in Aero WhatsApp? 

Backup Aero whatsApp

To save your chats you need to set the Backup. For this process follow the given below steps: 

  • Move Towards Aero Privileges 
  • Now, open File Manager 
  • Open WhatsApp 
  • Open Aeroyedek
  • Then Move towards the Universal Option of your Aero WhatsApp Setting 
  • Click on Backup and Restore 
  • Then tap Restore WhatsApp data 

How to Update WhatsApp Aero?

Aero WhatsApp continues to send notifications to update the app after every few days. You can easily update the app with the help of notifications. But in case if you don’t receive any notification you can Update the app with the help of the below procedure. 

Go to Aero WhatsApp Setting > Tap on Updates > Update the app in its latest version 

Current Version May 2024

The most recent version of Aero WhatsApp is version 10.24. 

Latest Update 2024

The version was updated on May, 2024. 

Old Versions of Aero WhatsApp

A few old versions of Aero WhatsApp are listed below: 

  • Version 9.41 
  • Version 9.35 
  • Version 8.95 
  • Version 8.75
  • Version 8.11

What is in the Current Version?

 The current version has the listed below attributes and in upcoming versions more modification in the features is expected. 

Latest Version Aero WhatsApp
  • Fixation of Bugs
  • Improved and modified features
  • Users can set Checklists
  • Changing Background of the app
  • Different Font Styles and Colors
  • Improved Security
  • More Privacy Options

Features of Aero WhatsApp

UI Designs 

Aero WhatsApp allows many UI designs to its users that include 4000+ themes, emoticons, tick styles, increased characters for status and messages, and many other features. 

Fully Safe 

The application provides privacy and security to its users. All your details are safe here. But one thing to remember is that do not share your most sensitive details here because this website is not approved by WhatsApp. It has been created by a third website. Otherwise, your details like call details, message details, and pictures or videos are fully secured here. You can easily transfer your data without any fear. 

Freezing Last Seen

LATEST FEATURES aero whatsapp

Aero WhatsApp allows the clients to freeze the Last Seen Tag. After enabling this feature you can easily use WhatsApp without showing your Online Toast to others and also your last update time remains the same that you have fixed to freeze. 

Hide Conversations

We need to hide our conversations from our Friends and Family members. But we need to familiarize ourselves with any such application that allows you to do this. If you are also seeking such a feature, then you are at the correct place. Aero WhatsApp has the amazing feature of Hide the Chats. You can easily hide your conversations in the app, this feature makes the application more secure because it accounts for the personal preferences of its users. 

Hide View Status

If you are the one who wants to see the updates of people without knowing them then this feature is going to be very helpful for you. This attribute works in a way that after enabling this you can hide your view status toast after seeing the status of your contact member. Isn’t it a magical and interesting feature? Of course, your answer is yes. Such features increase the demand for the applications because they make privacy more secure. 

Send many messages in a single tap

Official WhatsApp only allows you to send limited messages. But, Aero WhatsApp allows its users to send many messages at a time. 

Convert text into Emojis 

Another amazing feature that the application has is to convert text into emojis. Wow!!! That’s an amazing attribute. This thing makes your texting environment more interesting and fun. You can convey your message in the form of emojis and emoticons. 

Chat Lock 

Another magical feature of Aero WhatsApp is to lock the conversation. If you don’t want to hide your chat but want to secure it from the eye of others then you can utilize this feature. This will secure your chat by a lock and only you can unlock it. The lock can be a pattern, PIN, or your fingerprint. The most secure way to lock the chat is to use Fingerprint Lock. 

Disable Forward Tag

After forwarding any message to a contact member, there will be a Forward Tag in Original WhatsApp. In this version, you can forward a single message multiple times without the Forward Tag. This feature is also very interesting as it sorts out the Forward tag issue. 

Privacy Options 

Aero WhatsApp provides many privacy features to its users. Some of the privacy attributes that the app offers are listed below: 

  • Hide Blue Ticks 
  • Hide one tick 
  • Show a Blue Tick after the reply 
  • Chat Lock 
  • Hide Chat 
  • Lock the app with a password 
  • Freeze Last Seen 
  • Hide Status View Toast 

WA Aero Widgets

Aero Widgets is the feature that allows you to access the Privileges of Aero WhatsApp and your profile, on which you can easily set your status as Offline or Online. You can also check your name and update without entering into Original WhatsApp. 

Tick Styles and Setting 

There are many styles of tick. You can choose your favorite one from the list of available styles. Also, you can easily hide your Blue tick from your contact members. You can arrange the setting according to your preference. 

Anti-Delete Updates and Messages 

The bad habit of some people is to delete messages after sending them. And when we ask what he/she has sent, they claim nothing or stay silent. This thing can irritate some users, but the issue has been resolved now. You can ask, how? The answer is Aero WhatsApp. Yes, dear Users, Aero WhatsApp brings an interesting feature that allows you to see the deleted messages and status of your contact members. Isn’t it amazing? I know, your answer is yes, so what are you waiting for? Download the app and enjoy its latest and modified features. 

Change Icon Option 

Users can alter the icon of the app according to their wishes. The color of the icon can also be changed. 

Themes Collection 

There are 4000+ theme collections in the application. You can set the theme according to your choice. Original WhatsApp does not contain this feature as it only has two themes. 

Exploit the Limitations

As we know very well, Official WhatsApp has very strict rules to follow and has unlimited limitations for its users. The limitations that WhatsApp has to send limited pictures, limited file size, and many more things like this. But dear Users, don’t panic because Aero WhatsApp brings the solution for all these issues and allows its users to send 85+ images at a time, transfer audio or video of 1000MB at a time, and many other interesting features like these. So, the advice for all of you is to give this application a chance at least once. And I hope you will not be disappointed after using this superb app. 

Customization Attributes 

Original WhatsApp does not permit the user to make the interface more attractive and eye-catching, the main reason for this is the lack of customization options. The Aero WhatsApp has many customization features that make your app’s interface more attractive. You can change the style of your tick, change your app icon, change the color of your text and also there are several styles of Fonts in the app. You can separately set the Wallpaper for every chat. 

APP Availability

  • Android
  • Mac
  • IOS/iPhone
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • iPad

Transfer Data from Original WhatsApp to Aero WhatsApp 

MigrationOfficial WhatsApp to Aero WhatsApp

Dear Users, if you are using Official WhatsApp and want to use this amazing application without losing your Data, you can do this with the guidance of the following steps. Your data will remain safe and you can transfer all your details from WhatsApp to Aero WhatsApp easily. The steps for this transfer are given below. 

  • Step 1: First, back up your History from Official WhatsApp.
  • For this: Go to Settings> Click on Chats > Tap on Chat Backup 
  • Step 2: Download Aero WhatsApp from the link 
  • Step 3: Uninstall the Official WhatsApp from the “Apps” (remember one thing do not clear the data, only uninstall the app)
  • Step 4: Install the Aero WhatsApp, now you can easily start to transfer the data into Aero WhatsApp 
  • Step 5: Now Open the File and search the folder named WhatsApp. When you find it, rename it as Aero WhatsApp. 
  • Step 6: Then open the folder and there you will see the folder named “Media” 
  • Open the “Media” folder and name each of the Videos and Audios as Aero. (For example: WhatsApp Videos will be written there, named WhatsApp Aero Videos) 
  • Step 7: After doing this just add your Mobile number
  • Step 8: Initiating the setup Aero WhatsApp asks you to “Restore,” just click on the restore option to restore all your Old Conversations. 

Now, Aero WhatsApp contains all your previous Data including Videos, Audio, Documents, and Messages. 

Contrast between Aero WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp vs officila wahtsapp
Comparison table
Aero WhatsApp Infographic

Advantages of Aero WhatsApp

The advantages that this amazing application possesses are going to be listed below: 

  • Users can protect their chats by utilizing locking or hiding 
  • The app is completely free from Ads
  • Anti-Ban application 
  • Privacy setup is more secure 
  • Customization features enhance the beauty of your app 
  • User a Friendly application and has a simple and attractive interface that is easy to understand 
  • Many updates that will help you to be aware of any latest update 
  • Modified application having a lot of features 
  • Users can easily set the view toast of the status 
  • The amazing thing is to convert text into Emojis 
  • The application is free to download 
  • DND Mode is also available in this app
  • Airplane Mode is available 
  • You can set the Dark or Light Theme 
  • Sent images having full resolution 

Disadvantages of Aero WhatsApp

The disadvantages of Aero WhatsApp are not many. The only disadvantage of the application is that it can be banned if you don’t install it. If you only download the APK of the app then it will be a great risk for your device and you could be banned at any time because this website is not supported by Original WhatsApp. To use the app smoothly without any fear of getting banned is to install the app after downloading. 

Dear Users, the only disadvantage is not more important as compared to the rest of the advantages of the application. To enjoy the application without any restriction download the app from the provided link in this article.  


Aero WhatsApp is an excellent application that grants the user a great and magical experience. The modified features of the latest version include the fixation of bugs, the addition of a few features, and a few modifications in the last features. With this amazing application, you can connect with your close ones without any hassle. My advice to all the users is to give this application a chance. You will fall in love with this application.

I use the Aero WhatsApp and my experience is on another level that can’t be explained. The features that this application provides can’t be obtained by any other application. Also after a few days, modifications in the last features have been done automatically and the addition of new features continues to rush into the app. The app is not just for making calls it also plays a role as fun and entertainment for those who used to chat in Groups.


The queries regarding Aero WhatsApp from the users are as follows: 

Why Aero WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store? 

The application can’t be found on Google Play Store as it has been created by a third-party website. You can only download the application from any suitable and authentic link. 

What makes Aero WhatsApp different from the Original WhatsApp?

The features that are present in Aero WhatsApp make it different from the regular WhatsApp. The features Aero WhatsApp provides include Freezing Last Seen, Privacy Features, Anti-Delete Messages, and Status, which are not present in Regular WhatsApp.

Is it possible to switch data from Original WhatsApp to Aero WhatsApp?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your all Data from Regular WhatsApp to Aero WhatsApp. The procedure for this transfer has been discussed above in this article. 

How to prevent the danger of being banned from the Aero WhatsApp? 

To remain Anti-Ban or prevent the fear of getting banned from Aero WhatsApp you need to stay away from the Advertisements and random promotional messages for their products. 

Is Aero WhatsApp free to download? 

Yes, the app is completely free from money. You don’t need any penny to enjoy the application. 

Is Aero WhatsApp End-To-End Encrypted? 

 Aero WhatsApp is fully secure and encrypted. Your all messages and calls are fully safe and secure in this app. 

What are the reasons anyone can easily switch to Aero WhatsApp?

Aero WhatsApp has some unique core attributes due to which anyone can easily switch their WhatsApp account to Aero WhatsApp quickly. The features include Privacy Options, Improved and modified Security Setup, Customization options, and many more. 

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