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Get WhatsApp Plus APK and you’ll find many additional features in WhatsApp Plus that you can’t get from the official app or other WhatsApp mods. Enjoy the freedom to Hide Blue Ticks and Download Status. You can even use the Anti-View Once Feature.

What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a popular variation of the official WhatsApp, and millions (approximately more than 6 Million active users) of users have used it. This APK is a modern app with many features that legit WhatsApp lacks. WhatsApp Plus APK, like GB WhatsApp, is a user-friendly messaging app that lets you keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

WhatsApp Plus original apk download

Rafalete is a senior member of the XDA Team. He was the one who brought WhatsApp Plus to the world in 2012. This clever developer modified the WhatsApp source code to create the WhatsApp Plus we know and love today.

This article covers all the aspects regarding the features, latest version, latest update, and download procedure of WhatsApp Plus. Let’s explore more about the application to avail the magic of its features.

WhatsApp Plus App Details

WhatsApp Plus App Details


Need of WhatsApp Plus 

The question could arise in our minds that why there is a need for extensions while Official WhatsApp exists. The answer to this query is that the extended versions of WhatsApp has more advanced and modified features that are mostly lack in Official WhatsApp. Our young generations want the new and unique features that put a magic in their Chitter-Chatter box. 

The developer of WhatsApp Plus ensured that they are always several steps ahead from the Original WhatsApp. So we can say that the app has more new and modified features that are lacking in Original WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus original features

Customized Themes 

There are a variety of themes in this application that can also be customized by users. In Official WhatsApp, you can only change the chat wallpaper but in this app, you can set the wallpaper of every chat separately. The collection of themes in WhatsApp Plus is more than 700 in numbers. 

Text Styles 

This application has many text Styles including italics, monospace, bold, and strike-through. You can also change the Font Size and style according to your will. You can make your text very advance and make your chat unique. Your Friends will surprised with your custom font styles.

Floating Action Option 

The Floating Action Button can easily be furnished in many ways, like alteration in size, color, and shape. Also, this feature gives you the quick command to send voice messages, access settings, and take pictures or videos. 

Chat Picture 

When this option is enabled, you can set the picture of your contacts from your phone gallery and then set it to their numbers. This works in a way that you can see the contact picture on every message. 

Multiple Accounts 

Dear Fellows, you can easily operate two accounts on the same Mobile Phone. This feature resolves the issue for users who have multiple numbers and want multiple accounts. You can use many accounts for your personal use. 

Message Scheduler

Users can schedule the message for any event. You can schedule the message and the message will automatically reach the exact date to the person that has been selected and will shocked for surprised message

Set Story for 24 hours 

Dear Users you can share your memorable moments with your friends and family by setting the videos and photos on status. The status will be removed automatically after 24 hours. 

Advance Emojis 

If you’re the one who likes Google Hangouts and emojis, then WhatsApp Plus is best for you. This application has multiple emojis that add a taste to your conversation environment. 

Download Status

This application has an amazing feature to download the stories of your contact members. Sometimes we like the story of others and want to set our status. The app sorts out this difficulty and allows the users to download the status with a click. 

Pin Chats 

If you are the one who wants to pin more than 3 chats and groups, then this app is just for you. This application allows you to pin multiple chats and groups to resolve your issue. You can chat up to 1000 chats in WhatsApp Plus with your friends and family.

Increased Sending Limit 

WhatsApp Plus is to share large-sized files having a size of 1000MB. Also, 90+ images can easily be sent in WhatsApp Plus. The amazing point is that videos and pictures shared by WhatsApp Plus have high quality

Broadcast Messages 

With the help of this feature, you can send messages to several contacts at a time. You can broadcast your contact members, and then in just a single click, you can message all the selected members. 


Privacy Attributes Of WhatsApp Plus

Disable Forward Tag 

In Official WhatsApp, when we forward any message there is a tag. We want to hide this tag. But if you are a user of Original WhatsApp you can not do this. This feature is only present in modified versions of WhatsApp. To get rid of that Forward Tag, download this amazing application and avail the benefits of its attributes. 

Anti-Delete Messages and Status 

This is also another stunning feature. It works in a manner that when you enable this feature, you can see the deleted messages and status of your contacts. This feature also boosts the rank of the application in the market. Millions of users are take advantages

Freeze Last Seen 

You can Freeze the Last Seen and set it according to your desired time. After this, all the contact members will only see the last seen that you have set and can’t see you online. They will think you always offline.

Multi Language

WhatsApp Plus introduced a unique feature for their users. Now you can translate your messages in any language exist on the earth. Millions of users are used this feature for their business and make their works easy.

Hide Typing | Recording 

You can hide the Typing and Recording Toast. This enhances the privacy option and grabs the attention of users.  Now you can send the surprised messages to your friends and family members.

Hide Ticks 

In this MOD of WhatsApp, you can easily hide Blue Ticks. You can also set the setting in a way that you can show only one tick. Also, different styles of Ticks and Bubbles are present. 

Security Features Of WhatsApp Plus


To secure your application there is an option to set the password. The password can be in PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint Lock. You can set the password and make the system more reliable and strong. 

Chat Lock

If you want to lock any chat you can do this in this version. This feature is very interesting to make your conversations more secure. Now you can make your chat proper privately and secure your personal account.

Hide Chat 

If you are looking for an application in which you can easily hide the chat, then WhatsApp Plus is the right option. This app allows the users to hide the chat and make the personal chats more firm and safe.

Without Save a Number

If you want to send a message without saving number in your phone contact list then you can use this advance feature of WhatsApp Plus. You don’t have need to save a number for sending a message or other media files

Newly Added Features in 2024

The features that have been introduced in the latest version of the app are going to be listed below. These features lack the previous versions or may not be well furnished. A bit of new features and more modified features have been in the upgraded version of 2024. The list of these features is given below: 

  • Ghost Mode [Added] 
  • Hide Ghost Mode Icon [Added] 
  • Old UI Style of WhatsApp [Added] 
  • Anti-Ban protection [Improved] 
  • Option to approve Group members [Enabled]
  • Numerous Accounts [Enabled] 
  • Search in Calls [Fixed] 
  • Anti View once status [Fixed] 

Other Features that are present in this version are as follows: 

  • You can easily send messages to several contacts at a time. 
  • Users are capable of revoking many messages at a time.
  • The amazing feature of removing the “Read More” tag is available.

WhatsApp Plus Vs Official WhatsApp

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp Plus Vs Official WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus Backup Data

Everyone want to secure his privacy and save his data for future. WhatsApp Plus APK provide you the service of data backup and secure your data. The procedure to back up your data is as follows:

HOW To Back-up
  • Move towards the “Setting” of the application 
  • Pick up the “Chats” 
  • Then click on “Backup”
  • You can make a Google Drive backup or create an local backup

 The Backup for your data has been enabled now. It is very compulsory to back up the data to save your documents. 

WhatsApp Plus Original Download

Always try to download Original WhatsApp Plus because there are a lot of fake versions available which do not work and ultimately become a headache for you but don’t worry allwaplus is a brand which cares about what its visitors are exactly looking for.

System Requirements For WhatsApp Plus App

System requirements

App Availability

WhatsApp Plus is available for all devices that given below:

  • Androids
  • IOS/iPhone
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Laptops
  • PC

How to Download WhatsApp Plus?

If you want to download WhatsApp Plus APK, but you don’t know how to download the app, don’t worry about downloading. Allwaplus.com provide complete guide about downloading to their users.


Follow these steps for easy downloading

  • Step1: Click on Download WhatsApp Plus.
  • Step2: Your device will ask you that file might be harmful and do you still want to download WhatsApp Plus.
  • Step3: Click on download anyway to start download. Your downloading will be started.
  • Step4: If some how it doesn’t work, please click on download button again and hopefully your downloading will be started.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus?

After downloading WhatsApp Plus APK next step is install WhatsApp Plus in your device. You can follow these step mentioned below for installation app on your device.

HOW TO install whastapp plus
  • Step1: Locate your downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK file.
  • Step2: In general, go to Files Manager then go to Downloads Folder and search for WhatsApp Plus APK.
  • Step3: Tap on the APK file.
  • Step4: A prompt will be shown asking for do you want to install WhatsApp Plus APK. Click on Install.
  • Step5: Installing will begin. It can take a while.
  • Step6: WhatsApp Plus will be added to your Home Screen.
  • Step7: Open WhatsApp Plus, Register your Phone Number and start enjoying premium features of WhatsApp Plus.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus?

  • Step1: First of all delete your previous WhatsApp Plus version from your android device.
  • Step2: Download and install the latest version version of WhatsApp Plus from our website by following the same instructions which are mentioned above in the downloading and installing section

Need of Updated WhatsApp Plus

It is important to stay up-to-date with the most recent application version to take advantage of all the new features and bug fixes. You can check for updates in the app by clicking on Settings. You’ll receive a notification if a newer version is available. Update your WhatsApp Plus app to WhatsApp Plus 2024 version to get the best experience and avoid any potential problems.

WhatsApp Plus Infographic

Changelog WhatsApp Plus 2024

The WhatsApp Plus has been updated 2024. Many more advanced and furnished features have been added in this version to fulfill all the demands of the users. 


  • [Added] See your message edit history
  • [Added] Icon for show/hide ghost mode
  • [Added] Icon On Home Given option on screen to show Night/Light mode
  • [Added] Each chat have custom media download
  • [Added] WhatsApp Plus have old UI (user interface)


  • [Fixed] Search call history in call log
  • [Fixed] IOS15 entry style
  • [Fixed] System crash on some device
  • [Fixed] Anti-view / OPnce issues
  • [Fixed] Some older device not supported
  • [Fixed] Adriod 14 storage issue
  • [Fixed] Space when scrolling, user interface
  • [Fixed] Audio Rounded audio recording
  • [Fixed] Row features not working
  • [Fixed] Random crash of bubble bottom
  • [Fixed] Hide view status on some devices
  • [Fixed] Download themnes issue on andriod 14+
  • [Fixed] Backup/Restore issue
  • [Fixed] Custom private chats for business
  • [Fixed] Screen share button color in calls
  • [Fixed] Call history on some phones
  • [Fixed] Scrollin g time Data bubble not showing clearly
  • [Fixed] On white theme some text are not show during calls
  • [Misc] Now gost mode takes priority over custom privacy
  • [Misc] Other improvements and fixed issues


  • [Enabled] Settings have new user interface
  • [Enabled] Preview media feature
  • [Enabled] Group Permission Adjustment
  • [Enabled] Order tabs to return original
  • [Enabled] Same device have option of multiple accounts.
  • [Enabled] About With Expiry (24hr, 3 Days, 1 Week)
  • [Enabled] Option to choose new member before create an group
  • [Enabled] Create profile username and wait for server activation
  • [Enabled] Add your email address to your WhatsApp Plus account

Official Version 17.76 WhatsApp Plus 

The most up-to-date version of WhatsApp Plus is v17.76. This version has a lot of fresh features that boost the user’s experience. After using this application the user experiences happiness and satisfaction on another level. Users are fully capable of transferring large files, setting the status for a day, and customizing the interface by their own will. 

In the latest version of WhatsApp Plus privacy and security features have been improved to catch the attention of users. 

The features that have been added or improved in this latest version are mentioned in the next bullets. 

  • DND Mode has been added 
  • Freeze Last Seen Toast
  • Icon Changing Option 
  • Users of iOS devices can also use this application 
  • Action Bar in WhatsApp Plus has been enhanced to make it the best application 
  • Ghost Mode has been added 
  • Edit Message Option has been added 

Modifications in the upcoming Version 2025

In the upcoming versions, a few changes will be made in the app to increase its demand. 

The modifications that will be done in WhatsApp Plus upcoming versions are as follows: 

  • Addition of more privacy options.
  • More styles of Fonts will be introduced in the next versions.
  • Privacy setup will be stronger in the next extensions.

Older Versions of WhatsApp Plus

People may search for older versions of WhatsApp Plus for many reasons:

  • Version 17.60
  • Version 17.52
  • Version 17.51
  • Version 17.20
  • WhatsApp Plus’s more recent variations may not collaborate with older operating systems or gadgets. Older gadgets and software application may work with older versions of WhatsApp Plus. Some users like certain features or layout aspects of older variations. Some individuals might search for older variations to maintain functions that have been eliminated or changed by more recent updates.
  • Older variations may be a lot more steady or do far better on specific devices. Customers might use an earlier version if they have actually experienced insects or concerns with one of the most current updates. Since WhatsApp Plus is a third-party alteration to the main WhatsApp app, which could break WhatsApp’s Regards to Service. Some users may search for versions free of legal restrictions.

WhatsApp Plus For iPhone

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow the use of modified or cracked software because of its enhanced security and privacy features. Apple has a very strict policy in this context. Since WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of official WhatsApp, therefore you can’t download WhatsApp Plus in your iOS devices.

If anyone tells you that you can download WhatsApp Plus for iPhone that’s fake information. You can either download official WhatsApp from Apple Store or you can switch to other messaging apps like Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc.

Download WhatsApp Plus for PC/Laptop

Follow these steps to download WhatsApp Plus for PC/Windows/Laptops/Mac

  • Step1: Download WhatsApp Plus APK file.
  • Step2: Download a suitable Android Emulator in your PC.
  • Step3: Popular Android Emulators are BlueStacks, MeMU Player and NoxPlayer.
  • Step4: Install Android Emulator by following the on screen guide lines.
  • Step5: Open Android Emulator and search for APK Installer.
  • Step6: Click on APK Installer and locate and install WhatsApp Plus APK file. Installing can take a few moments. So be patient.
  • Step7: Once your WhatsApp Plus is installed in your Android Emulator open your WhatsApp Plus, Register your phone number and start experiencing the extra features of WhatsApp Plus in your PC or Laptop.

How To Migrate Official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

If you’re scared and don’t know how to switch your official WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus don’t worry. We provide you a complete guide of switching your account. after read the instruction you will be able to migrate your account. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Firstly you have to create an backup of your chat and data
  2. For backup your data click on three dots top right corner of your Official WhatsApp and open the menu bar
  3. choose the “Setting” > “Chats” > “Chat Backup” and create a backup in your device storage.
  4. Uninstall the official WhatsApp form your device.
  5. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK on your device
  6. Install the WhatsApp Plus by the steps given above in the article
  7. Now enter your number and login into WhatsApp Plus
  8. After enter your number they will asked you to backup your data or continue
  9. Choose Backup and restore your chats and data

Do and Don’t s of WhatsApp Plus 


  • To fix the bugs, update the application regularly
  • Always download the application from a trustworthy source 
  • Avail the benefits of more privacy options 
  • Get benefits from the Customization option 


  • Don’t share your private information 
  • Always aware of the warning messages from the Security Setup of your Device 
  • Don’t use the application if you are banned from Official WhatsApp 

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Plus


  • Multiple Emojis 
  • Variety of Themes 
  • DND Mode 
  • More Privacy Options 
  • Anti-Ban 
  • Customization Options 
  • Strong Privacy System
  • Hide Blue Ticks 
  • Various types of ticks
  • Floating Action Button 
  • Different Font Styles and Size
  • Send large size files 
  • Airplane Mode is present
  • Send 90+ images at a time 
  • Sharing limit of video or any file is more than 1000MB
  • Free application 
  • Easy to download 
  • Easy to operate 
  • User Friendly Interface 


The disadvantage of WhatsApp Plus is only that your data may be exposed because this application is not associated with WhatsApp. It is generated by a third party, that’s why a little bit of privacy issues are present. 

But don’t panic while using the app, there is also a clear notice from the app that doesn’t share personal details. You can enjoy the application without sharing your sensitive information. 

Writer’s Review

Final Words

After discussing all the features, download procedure, advantages, disadvantages, FAQs, requirements of WhatsApp Plus, we conclude that this is the best and fabulous application through which we can communicate with others through messaging and calling. Also, this application has the best and secured privacy setup that everyone wants in this modern time. We all want to keep our personal information private.

WhatsApp Plus is an amazing WhatsApp mod that takes your messaging to a whole new level. I am very satisfied with the features of this app. Give this app a shot; you will be amazed at its features.

Note: Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this app. We will quickly resolve any issues. So keep exploring its new features, but keep in mind the data security and privacy risks of mod versions of the original software.


Is WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

This app is not secure, and its use can put your device security at risk and compromise personal data.

Is WhatsApp Plus APK legal?

No, WhatsApp Plus is not a legal application.  It has copied the source code of the original WhatsApp. Therefore, it violates WhatsApp terms of service.

What is the best alternative to GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus can be a great alternative to GB WhatsApp. Its No-Ban function, customizable themes, and user-friendly design provide a seamless, secure messaging experience. WhatsApp Plus is the perfect solution for those who want to improve their privacy or have a more visually appealing interface.

Is WhatsApp Plus available on Play Store or Apple Store?

No, WhatsApp Plus is not available on Play Store or Apple Store.

What are 5 features of WhatsApp Plus?

5 handy features of WhatsApp Plus are:
Ghost Mode
Download Status
Anti-Delete Messages
Anti-View Once
Auto Reply

Who created WhatsApp Plus? 

WhatsApp Plus, an amazing application and modified version of Official WhatsApp was created by a Spanish person and a member of XDA named Rafalete, in 2012. 

Is it free to download WhatsApp Plus? 

Yes, this application is completely free from any charge. You can download this at zero cost. 

Is it possible to download multiple versions of WhatsApp Plus?  

Users can download more than one version of WhatsApp Plus with another device. On the same device, it is impossible to have multiple versions. 

Can users save the status of contacts in this app? 

Yes, users can download the Status of their loved ones in a single click.

What is the contrast of WhatsApp Plus with Original WhatsApp? 

There is no more difference between the outlook of the apps. WhatsApp Plus is the furnished extension of Official WhatsApp having a lot of new and fabulous features that are not present in Official WhatsApp.

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