Download KB WhatsApp v34 for Android Latest Version 2024

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Download KB WhatsApp v33 for Android Latest Version 2024

Version 34.00

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Are you looking for extra features in WhatsApp? If yes, here is KB WhatsApp with many cool features. Get this latest WhatsApp mod version and you will enjoy many additional features that are not available in official WhatsApp.

KB WhatsApp is a better version of regular WhatsApp. It has extra stuff like multiple languages, extra security lock system, stronger privacy, chat customization option, unlimited media sharing including pictures, files and videos, and many other features.

If you want all these features at single place, you can read this detailed article with complete guide on how to download, install and update KB WhatsApp with complete features.

What is KB WhatsApp


KB WhatsApp is a popular mod of the official WhatsApp, and many (approximately more than 100K active users) users have used it. This app is available in 4 colors to amuse its users. You can download it in red, blue, gold and black colors according to your color selection. KB WhatsApp offers its users new themes which are totally customized. This App is totally free of cost, you can download it and enjoy the latest features available in KB WhatsApp.

Download KB WhatsApp Latest Version


Download the latest version of KB WhatsApp to enhance your chatting experience. This modified version 34.00 allows you to use advanced features like Chat lockHide statusHide blue ticksCustomize the home screenSend a message to a number, and more. The updated version of KB WhatsApp introduces many features that were not in the old version or other modified versions. You can download the updated KB WhatsApp version free of cost. Also, you can share it with your friends, family members, and other contacts.

KB WhatsApp 1,2,3,4

KB WhatsApp APP Detail

App detail of KB WhatsApp

System Requirements

  • Your Android device must be v5.0+ 
  • More than 90 MB of space should be vacant in your device 
  • Allow all the expenditures to download the application without making any blunder 

KB WhatsApp Availability

  • Android
  • Mac
  • IOS/iPhone
  • PC
  • Laptop
  • Tablets
  • iPad

Latest Features of KB WhatsApp


Features of KB WhatsApp are given below.

Multiple Colors of KB WhatsApp

KB WhatsApp provides multiple colors to enhance your chatting experience. You can modify your KB WhatsApp interface, a feature not introduced in another modified or official version.

Stronger Privacy and Security

KB WhatsApp supports you with high-level security. This unique feature of KB WhatsApp introduced high-quality Privacy and Security.

Chat Customization

With this feature of KB WhatsApp, you can customize your chat layout and surprise your friend by showing the latest features. You can make your chatting interface very attractive.

Message Scheduler

KB WhatsApp allows its users to create a message schedule for sending messages or files when the user is not available on WhatsApp or unable to use WhatsApp.

Unlimited Media Sharing

Now, you can share unlimited media files with your contacts without any interruption. This feature allows you to share large files such as Documents, Images, Videos, etc.

Leave Groups Without Notice

Are you looking for a unique feature that hides your leaving notice for any group? Don’t worry; KB WhatsApp provides you with this feature to enhance your privacy. 


KB WhatsApp supports its users in changing the language of the app or translating the message without leaving or skipping KB WhatsApp. You can change your language to another language without any risk or problem.

Easy to Change Emoji

Now, you can change your emoji in just one click, and that will surprise your friends. You can use Avatar to enhance your chat experience and make it more customizable.

Home Screen Customization

Everyone wants to customize their WhatsApp home screen, but there is no option for this customization. But KB WhatsApp allows you to customize your app’s home screen and make it better.

Freeze Last Seen

Are you looking for the option of hiding your WhatsApp online status or freezing your last seen to show your contacts? KB WhatsApp allows you this unique feature to hide or freeze your last seen.

What’s New in Latest Version 34.00

  • Improved high-quality media sending.
  • Improved floating notifications.
  • Added speed dial customization.
  • Added group member deletion option.
  • Added privacy and updated hiding options.
  • Improved translations.
  • Fixed login number addition errors.
  • Offers translation services in 18 languages.
  • Provides safe backup for data.
  • Enables hindering media content from entering the gallery (Photos, Videos, GIFs).
  • Allows setting a limit for picture quality.
  • Sends images at the highest resolution (up to 3MB).
  • Adds auto-reply templates for business conversations.
  • Enhances the ability to send multiple images and data.
  • Customizes privacy settings for each chat (hiding blue ticks, second tick, “typing…” and View status).
  • Quick reactions are available by clicking the chat bubble.

How to Download and Install KB WhatsApp


You want to download KB WhatsApp, but you don’t know the process of downloading. Don’t worry. Allwaplus is here to guide you step by step and give you a complete guide to the downloading process. You will be able to download it after following these steps.

Step 1: 

  • Land on the secure website for downloading KB WhatsApp free.

Step 2:

  • Explore the website and read the article carefully to find the Downloading button.

Step 3:

  • Tap on the “Download” button to download KB WhatsApp on your device.

Step 4:

  • Click on the “Download anyway” button.
  • Please wait for the download. It depends on your device’s speed.

Here is the installation process


Step 1:

  • After downloading, click on the “Install.”

Step 2:

  •  Enable “Unknown sources” from your device “Settings.”

Step 3:

  • Open the app on your device and “Enter Number.”
  • Finally, your KB WhatsApp is ready to use. 

How to Update KB WhatsApp

  • First you have to uninstall old or current version of KB WhatsApp.
  • Go to
  • Download updated version of KB WhatsApp.
  • Enable Unknow resources from setting of mobile.
  • Install it and enjoy.
Important Note
  • Always use latest version of KB WhatsApp.
  • Always backup you chat before update KB WhatsApp.
  • Always download APK file from authentic websites.

KB WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus Vs Official WhatsApp

Alternatives of KB WhatsApp


KB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that adds more features. It allows you to change colors, keep chats private, and schedule messages. You can also share lots of media and hide when you were last online. The new version, 34.00, makes it even better with improvements like sending higher-quality pictures. To get it, just go to a safe website, download it, and follow the instructions to install it. Always use the latest version and back up your chats before updating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KBWhatsApp secure to use?

Yes, KB WhatsApp can be secure if downloaded from a trusted source and kept updated to the latest version.

How to access the different themes in KBWhatsApp?

To change the theme in KB WhatsApp, follow these steps:
1. Open KB WhatsApp on your device.
2. Go to the “Settings” menu.
3. Look for “Themes” or “Theme Settings.”
4. Select a theme from the available options.
5. Follow any on-screen instructions to apply the theme.

Where to download KB WhatsApp?

You can download KB WhatsApp from different WhatsApp, but you have to download it from official and trusted website like

Is KB WhatsApp the better than GB WhatsApp?

KB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are modified versions of WhatsApp, each with its features. The choice between them depends on personal preference and need.

What is the latest version of KB WhatsApp?

In 2024, current updated version of KB WhatsApp is v34.00

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