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Update Date: May, 2024
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GB WhatsApp Pro 

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download

To interact with people through any Messaging Application, you can use WhatsApp, Messenger, Botim, and others. But this article brings another application that is not so different. It is the advanced and modified extension of Regular WhatsApp that has a lot of new and exciting features. Stay tuned with this content to explore the app completely. 

What is GBWhatsApp Pro? 

The GBWhatsApp Pro is the latest and fully advanced version of WhatsApp. This application has a bunch of new features that are making this application superb duper hit after every passing day. Everyone is attracted towards this app because of the unlimited and modified attributes present in the app. Its interface is almost the same as that of Regular WhatsApp, this works completely differently from that. This app has Ghost Mode, DND Mode, Night/Day Mode, and many more. 

What is GB WhatsApp Pro APK

This app allows the user’s to send file UpTo 200GBs and more than 90 images at a time. This feature is absent in Regular WhatsApp that put down the ranking of the app. GBWhatsApp Pro is the best option to opt for, if you wish something new and better than WhatsApp. This application gets a 5 star rating after every day just because of the unlimited fresh and magical features. 

To get more information about the GBWhatsApp Pro, read this content till the last line. 

APK Information

App NameGB WhatsApp Pro 
Developer NameAlexMods
Launched In2016
Current Version V17.76
Last Update May 2024
App Size70MB
License TypeFreeware
APK Information

Requirements to download the application 

Before downloading GBWhatsApp Pro, your Android should have the following limitations to run the application smoothly. The limitations for this application are given below: 

  • Android 5.1+ or any latest version 
  • Empty space of more than 90MB
  • Permit all the unknown resources 
  • Connect your device to suitable Internet source like WiFi or Cellular Data 

After fulfilling these expenditures you are now able to move towards the download route. 

Screen Shorts

How to Install and Download GB WhatsApp Pro?

how to download GB WhatsApp Pro

To get the benefit of this application you need to pursue these following steps. These steps are the ladder to download and install the application without any hurdle. The steps are as follows: 

Download APK File

Download file

Download the APK file of GB WhatsApp Pro from an Authentic and Trustworthy website 

Click on Download Anyways

Download anyways to begin downloading

If you come interact with any Warning Message, just click on the Download anyways.

Wait for Downloading

download process completed

Wait for downloading until downloading is finished.

Open Download Folder to Install APK

installation process

Then Open “Downloads” of your device. Search the downloaded APK File and open it. After opening, the process of installation will begin.

Allow Unknown Sources

allow unknow resources

If you come interact with any Warning Message, just enable the Unknown Resources from the Setting Box 

Complete Installation and Enjoy

Screen shorts 1

After downloading the procedure, you can now install the application. For this process, open the Downloaded Application and Click on Install Button. Within nanoseconds you can see the application on your screen. Boom!!! Have great fun and entertainment with this amazing application. 

Download, install, enjoy GB WhatsApp Pro Apk 2024

Download GB WhatsApp Pro for PC? 

Dear Buddies, if you want to try the features of GBWhatsApp Pro on your PC then this article is special for you. Because we are going to discuss the process of downloading the app for PC. 

Before downloading any application on PC make sure to have the Downloaded Android Emulator. In the absence of an emulator you can’t download any app on your PC. Of you have emulator well known BlueStacks Emulator is prefer,  than pursue the following steps: 

  • Copy the link of the GBWhatsApp Pro from the authentic website 
  • Paste the occupied link in the search bar imof Emulator 
  • Allow it to browse the application
  • Pick the desired one app from the list 
  • And then just pop up the Install Button 

Dear Fellows, this application is now part of your PC. Enjoy the magical features of the app and share it with your friends and family members. 

Download GBWhatsApp Pro for Mac OS

The process to download the application on Mac OS is the same as that of a PC. But in Mac OS you need to have a Java Emulator to download the application. Rest of the downloading process is the same as for PC. 

  • Open Java Emulator 
  • Paste the link of download App 
  • Open the app after downloading 
  • Click on Install Bar 

The app is on the desktop of your Mac OS device.

GBWhatsApp Pro for iOS

Fellows, unfortunately many applications can’t run on iOS devices smoothly. But don’t panic, we bring a method to download this fabulous application on iOS devices as well. Follow these steps to launch the application on your iPhones. 

  • First download any iOS APK link 
  • Now download the application of GBWhatsApp Pro from this link 
  • Open the application and click on Install Bar 
  • When Installation finishes, open the application 
  • Login to the application with your desired Mobile Number 

The application is now part of your iOS device. 

Requirements of the application

Connectivity Wi-Fi or Cellular Data
Contact Accessibility Recommend to use Wi-Fi 
Device Location Gallery Accessibility 
Android Required Android 5.1 or any latest
Device Recognition External Storage Access is needed

Features of GBWhatsApp Pro

Features GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Key Features

Auto Reply

If you are the one who has a busy schedule then you can set the Auto-Reply Messages for your contact members. This feature is very exciting and makes the application more demanding.  

Ghost Mode 

When you enable Ghost Mode, you can see the messages of the others without letting him know. You last seen gets frozen automatically, your actions become invisible, your contact members think that you didn’t receive any message. You can secretly see the Status of people. This is an amazing feature. 

DND Mode

It is very disturbing and sometimes irritating to get WhatsApp  messages while we are using any other application. To compensate with this problem GBWhatsApp Pro brings an exciting features of DND Mode (Do Not Disturbed) 

After enabling this feature, no one can disturb you and you can easily enjoy your other applications without getting any Message or Call notification. 

Being Online 

Beloved Uses, if you want to show your Online Toast you can do this in GBWhatsApp Pro. In this way you will remain Online however you are Offline too. 

Share Live Location 

If you want to visit your close ones house or if someone wants to visit you but don’t know the address, then this feature is for you. Just share the live location, in this way you can go to any place without the fear of getting lost. 

Download Status 

Sometimes we like the status or update of any contact member but feel hesitant to tell him to send the status. For this issue, GBWhatsApp Pro brings the magical features of Download Status. You can easily download your favorite status and set it as your own status for WhatsApp and any other social media platform. 

Message History 

This stunning application gives the chance to its users to check the message history. You can check the message history of any group or contact you want. 

Mark Unread Message 

If you want to mark any read message as unread, you can do this while using any advanced version of WhatsApp. This version allows you to mark messages as unread and the sender thinks that you have not even read the message yet. 

Select Chats 

In Regular WhatsApp when you need to delete conversations or select the chats for any purpose you have to select them one by one. But in the advanced version you can select multiple chats at a time. You can do this only with a single tap.

Change Contacts 

Dear Fellows, this amazing application gives you the access to change or alter the media of your contact members. 

High Resolution Pictures 

In Official WhatsApp the resolution of pictures is not so good. But, now don’t be sad, this amazing version allows you to send high resolution images with fine and great pixels. 


If you have downloaded this application from an Authentic source, then there will be no need to worry about getting banned. Because from some unauthentic sources this application could be banned due to some reasons. I prefer you to download the application from this site to low down the risk of such issues.

Disable Forward Tag

With the help of this version you can easily remove the Forward Tag from your messages and send it to multiple contacts several times. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

Anti-Revoke messages are actually Anti-Delete Messages. If you want to read the deleted messages of your contact members, then this feature is a blessing for you. You can enable this and read the Anti-Revoke messages easily. In the same way you can see the Anti-Revoke Status of your contacts as well. 


More than 12 different languages are part of this application. You can interact with people who speak a different language from any part of the world. 

Security Features 

Security Features 

Security is the most important element in any work. The application has the following Security Features that are very helpful and interesting. 

App Lock 

Dear Users, to secure your application from any unknown source you can secure the application using app lock. The app lock may be Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint. 

Chat Lock 

The most interesting and demanding feature of the application is to lock your chat. Yes, dear Fellows GBWhatsApp Pro provides the opportunity to its users to secure their conversations by applying strong passwords. If you are the one who wants to hide his personal or sensitive chat from your family then this attribute is going to be very beneficial for you. 


The amazing and interesting feature of this application is that you can get notification when any contact member changes his Profile Picture. Isn’t it interesting? If yes, then try this app at least for once to explore more exciting features.

History Backup

You can Backup your chat history by enabling Backup Setting. For this pursue these steps: 

Go to GBWhatsApp Pro Setting > Tap on Universal > Click on Backup 

In this way you can easily backup your personal data. 

Pop-up Notifications 

If you want to hide your pop-up notifications of your messages and calls you can do this while using GBWhatsApp Pro. This app permits its users to hide the pop-up notifications. 

Message Scheduler 

You can schedule the message if you’re using the smart version of WhatsApp. 

Privacy Features 

Hide Blue Ticks 

Users can conceal their Blue Tick option. After Enabling this you can read the message of people without letting him know. 

Hide Chat 

Amazing attribute of this application is to hide the chat. For this Click on the GBWhatsApp Option present in the front screen of the app then add any desired chat that you want to hide.

Hide Recording Toast 

You can conceal your Recording Status also while using this amazing app. 

Hide Typing Toast 

The modified and advanced version of WhatsApp has the magical features of hiding Typing Toast. 

Hide Online Status 

If you want to use the App without showing yourself as Online, you can enable this feature. It will help you to hide your Online Status for others.

Freeze Last Seen 

Dear Buddies, you can easily ice your Last Seen according to your wish. People will only see the Last Seen that you have written to freeze.

Anti-Delete Messages 

You can read and see the messages that have been deleted from your contact members. 

Anti-Delete Updates

You can also see the deleted status and updates of people. 

Customization Attributes

This application contains many customization features to be set by the user’s. You can make your app more attractive and eye-catching with the help of these customization features. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Amazing fonts Style
  • Various Tick Styles 
  • Change Font Color
  • Change Font Size
  • App Icon  
  • Notification Icon Option 
  • Different colors for Status Bar, Navigation Bar, and Universal Bar 
  • Download Variety of Themes 

Sending Limit 

Send large size files 

In Regular WhatsApp it is a very big issue to send large size files. WhatsApp allows you to send only the file having 16MB. But in this latest version you have the option to send large files and videos UpTo 200GBs. This feature is very beneficial for those who used to send files and documents to each other. 

Pictures sending limit 

This version contains the improved and increased limit of picture sending. You can now send more than 90 images while using this app. The Regular WhatsApp lacks this magical and useful feature. 

Broadcast messages 

This application allows the user’s to send Broadcast Messages. In Broadcast, you have to select the contacts and when you send any message to Broadcast this will reach all the contacts you have separated. More than 256 members can be added in broadcast.

Bulk Sender 

Dear Users an exciting feature of GB WhatsApp is to forward or send any message to multiple contacts that are more than 200 in numbers. Yes, I know you will be surprised to read this. But it is true that this application allows the user to send messages to multiple contacts in a single tap.  

GB whatsapp pro apk Infographic

GBWhatsApp Pro Vs Official WhatsApp

FeaturesGBWhatsApp Pro Official WhatsApp 
DND Mode 
Filter Messages
Send Image90+ images Only 30
Send File Size1000MB16MB
Multiple Themes 
Backup Option
Different Fonts
Chat Lock
Hide Chat
Freeze Last Seen 
Hide Blue Ticks 
Hide Recording and Typing
Select all Chats
Send High Resolution Pictures 
Icon Change
Disable Forward Tag 
Being Online
Hide Online Update
GBWhatsApp Pro vs Official WhatsApp

How to Backup GBWhatsApp Pro? 

To Backup GBWhatsApp Pro there are two methods. 

First Method 

  • Open the application 
  • Move towards GBWhatsApp Pro Setting 
  • Select Universal 
  • Click on Backup 
  • Then click on your desired Backup folder 

Second Method 

To Backup any file from your Android users can utilize the benefits of Dr. Fone app. This app will help you to Restore your data and personal information. 

How to update GBWhatsApp Pro?

To Update your GBWhatsApp Pro, pursue these steps and get the latest update of the app.

  • Open GBWhatsApp Pro 
  • Open Setting of GBWhatsApp by clicking on three dots on the top right corner
  • Click on Updates 
  • Then tap on Update from Web 

If you want to know about any latest update you can check the updates from the Updates folder of the app. 

Current Version of GBWhatsApp Pro? 

The recent most updated version of GBWhatsApp Pro is v17.76. This was updated 2024. Many new modifications have been made with the existing features and more have been added. 

What’s new in the version of May 2024? 

The current version of this application has the new and well-furnished features that are listed here:

  • Users can easily see the Status List 
  • Increased in upload limit Up-to 100 MB 
  • Users can reply any message automatically 
  • Change in themes collection 
  • Addition of more fonts 
  • Now, you can easily translate message 
  • Download button for Status, you can easily download any status  
  • Microphone Setting 
  • Fixation of Bugs 
  • Improved Security Features
  • Addition of more Privacy Features 
  • You can now select all Chats 
  • Addition of tick styles and various Fonts 

This Version is mainly launched to sort out all the Banned issues and security and privacy systems. All these features got modified in this version. Addition of new features are expected to come in next versions. 

Which features are expected in the upcoming version? 

The features that are expected to be the part of next versions include fixation of bugs, more modification in the privacy system, more secured security setup, addition of different styles of Fonts and colors, and much more than this. The variety of new and unique features that are expected in upcoming versions are given below: 

  • Low down Security Risk 
  • Make more Privacy Attributes 
  • Anti-Ban Protection 
  • Different Fonts 
  • Customizing Features 

Current Version Update 2024

The current version of GB WhatsApp has been updated recently on May, 2024. In its latest update many modifications have been done in the existing attributes and addition of new features like fixation of bugs, addition of Fonts, variety of themes have been done. From some sources we get the information that the new update of GBWhatsApp Pro will come before the month of May. 

How to Transfer your Data from Official WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro? 

Dear Users, if you are using Regular WhatsApp and want to migrate to GBWhatsApp Pro without losing your data, then this article resolves your problem and is going to tell you how to transfer your important data from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Pro. The steps for this purpose are listed below: 

  • Very first Go towards the Official WhatsApp Setting and Click on Chat Backup. (GBWhatsApp automatically restore your data) 
  • Now Open File Manager 
  • Click on the folder named as WhatsApp 
  • Rename it as GBWhatsApp Pro 
  • Rename all the folders inside the folder as GBWhatsApp Pro Images, GBWhatsApp Pro Video, etc. 
  • Now Open GBWhatsApp Pro and make your account by adding your Mobile Number 
  • During this process you will asked for Restore 
  • Don’t forget to click on Restore Option 
  • Now wait a minute till the process got complete 
  • After this process, you will see your Profile Picture, Name, About, same as like in Official WhatsApp 

Congratulations Dear Users!!! You have successfully moved your Chats and other necessary Data towards GBWhatsApp Pro without any restriction. 

Advantages of GBWhatsApp Pro

The pros of this amazing application are listed here:

  • Free to download 
  • Easy to understand 
  • Anti-Ban
  • Ghost Mode 
  • DND Mode 
  • Send many images 
  • Use to transfer large size files 
  • Send message to multiple contacts 
  • Broadcast Message 
  • Privacy Features 
  • Secured Security System 
  • 4020+ Themes 
  • Variety of ticks and bubbles 
  • Separate wallpaper for separate chats 
  • Hide Chats option 
  • Hide Tick Option 
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Hide View Status Toast, Online Toast, Recording and Typing Toast 
  • Download Status Option 

Disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro

The disadvantages of using GBWhatsApp Pro are not more than the advantages. A few cons of this application exist, but because of the presence of unlimited exciting features these two or three cons value no more. The cons of the application are following: 

  • You don’t receive the regular Updates notification. You need to update the app after some days on your own.
  • You need to have an Internet connection to send and receive messages and calls.
  • You have the risk of getting unauthorized access to your personal details. Because this application is not supported by Official WhatsApp.
  • High risk of Scams, this issue is not only for GBWhatsApp. It is also a very big problem for the users of WhatsApp too. 

Final Verdict

After exploring the amazing application I recommend to all the users of WhatsApp to try this application at least for one time to know about the benefits of the app. And I hope, after reading this article you will surely download the app to discover the magical features of this advanced and modified app. This app not only used to make Calls, but also you can send messages in different styles having attractive colors. You can set your update for a day. As we all know, privacy of data is our first priority to compensate for this problem, more well furnished features regarding Privacy and Security are present. After reading all of the above mentioned features, I can tell you by surety that you all will give this app a chance at least once. The guidance related to download and installation has been mentioned above in this article. You can visit this site thoroughly to satisfy yourself. 


The queries about the application are as follows: 

Is there any need to root the device for this application? 

No, this application can be run finely on Rooted and Non-Rooted devices without making any blunder. 

Can we use GBWhatsApp Pro on iOS? 

Yes, this application can work efficiently on iPhones as well. 

Is it possible to use two WhatsApp on the same Mobile? 

Yes, you can avail the benefits of two WhatsApp at a time on the same gadget. 

Who created GBWhatsApp Pro? 

This application has been created by AlexMods. It was launched in 2016. 

Can I get banned from Official WhatsApp while using GBWhatsApp? 

Yes. It is true that you can get banned from Official WhatsApp accounts while using this account. Because this application is against the WhatsApp term of Services. 
But if you download the application from a supportive and trustworthy website the risk of getting banned is very low. 

Can we get this application on the Google Play Store? 

No, this is created by a third-party website, that’s why it’s impossible to get it on the Google Play Store. 

Can be Install GBWhatsApp Pro without the Verification process? 

No, it is impossible to do this. You are asked for your mobile number, OTP code and email account to run the app. 

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