Features of All WhatsApp APK in 2024 including All Versions

Update Date: March 11, 2024
Publish Date: March 11, 2024

Features of WhatsApp APKs has been changing since its development. Here are some latest Features in 2024. You can read these features and take step to shift your chatting experience from typical WhatsApp to these WhatsApp modified versions. Take advantages of these WhatsApp Now.

Features of all whatsapp apk

Features of All WhatsApp

Features of all these WhatsApp versions are almost same or have some slight changes. We have categorized these features for users. These features are given below.

Key Features

If we talk about key features of all WhatsApp Modified version, we found that all Versions have mostly the same features as other WhatsApp have. For example, GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp plus have same key features that WhatsApp Plus have. Only one thing is change that is the size of files and the name of its developers. Lets explore key features below.

key Features of all whatsapp apk

Disable Forwarding Tag

This application allows you to remove the Forward Tag from your forwarded messages. This feature is not available in Official WhatsApp. 


If you are the one who is working Online and dealing with people every day. This feature is going to be very helpful for those who are dealing with people daily. You can craft messages like “Please Wait”, “Talk to you later”, “Welcome”, and many more like this. These messages will automatically be sent to the sender even if you are busy with any work or meeting. 

Download Status

In Official WhatsApp the download status feature is not available. But in this mod of WhatsApp, you can easily download any status by single tapping. 

Schedule Message

It is very important to send any important message on time if you are running your Business or if you are a person who has to attend different meetings in the Office. This application has the feature to schedule the message according to your mentioned Date and Time. The message will automatically be sent to the person on the exact time and date that you have set.

Mass Message Sender 

The Mass Message Sender feature is very demanding. It is very beneficial for those who are dealing in the Marketing field. After using this feature you don’t need to send messages one by one to separate contacts. You have to select the contacts that you want to add in Broadcast. Then in only a single click, your message will be delivered to all the selective members. 


The application has no Ban issue. You can use the application without any fear of getting banned. 

Send file in Zip Format

An interesting feature of this extension is to zip your file. After Enabling this attribute, you can send any file in Zip Format. You can also receive and send bulk of files in Zip Format. 


Multilingual means Multi-Language. This application gives the option to approach many languages. Without any restriction, you can easily send messages in any language. This will help you to communicate with people from all over the world. 

Send a Message to an unsaved number

In Official WhatsApp, you can’t send a message to someone without saving his number. This thing is a little bit difficult sometimes. To resolve this problem, This WhatsApp brings a magical feature to send messages to any unsaved number. This will save you time and you can easily communicate with people. 

Privacy Attributes

A few privacy features of All WhatsApp are listed below. 

Privacy Features of all whatsapp apk

Freeze Last Seen 

You can cease your last seen according to your choice. You can set the time according to your will. After setting, your contact members only see that time which has been set by you. 

Hide Status View 

Another attribute of All WhatsApp is to hide the status view toast. In this way, you can see the status of others without letting them know. In addition, you are also able to download someone’s status in only a single click. 

Anti-Revoke Messages 

You can see the messages that have been deleted by your contact members. For this first, you have to enable the Anti-Delete Messages setting. 

Anti-Delete Status

If you want to see the deleted status of your contacts, you can enable this feature while using All WhatsApp, after enabling you can easily see the deleted status on your contacts.

Hide Blue Tick 

You can conceal your Blue tick in this app also. Just enable this setting to hide the Blue tick from the Setting box and make your privacy super strong. In this way, you can read the message of others without letting them know whether you read or not. 

Show a Blue Tick after the reply 

Another feature is to show a Blue tick after a reply. This works in a way that your sender only sees the blue tick when you answer him. Before answering or replying to a message your blue tick remains hidden even if you read the message. 

Anti-View Once Media 

The query can arise. This feature is already available in Official WhatsApp so what’s new in this? The answer to this is that you can see the one media file multiple times in All WhatsApp. Is it amazing or not? Of course, your answer is yes. You can see the Once View Media of your friends and family multiple times and also you can save the media by downloading it. 

Who can Call me? 

You can select the limited contacts who can call you. The calls of unselected contacts can not approach you. 

Caller ID? 

To know whether Caller ID is spam or not, you can use this feature. As we know many other versions of WhatsApp have the feature to set Who can Call me. But This WhatsApp is one hand forward from all the apps, that helps the users to know about spam calls. When you enable this feature you can easily check the spam calls. And if you get any spam call you can easily reject it. Isn’t it interesting? Of course yes, then try the application at least once. 

Hide Media 

This application’s best and most demanding is that you can hide your media including pictures and videos, GIFs, and other documents from your mobile gallery. This feature is very beneficial because after having a bulk of data in our gallery we sometimes got mingled on how to sort out this problem. But now I don’t need to worry about this problem anymore. You can now easily set the to hide Media from the gallery. 

Always Online Status 

To set your Online Status permanently you can do this while using this app. This app allows you to set the online status always. 

Hide Online Status

In the same way, if you want to hide your Online View, you can easily hide it by doing minor settings. When you hide your Online Status, your contact members can’t see you online anymore. Even if you are chatting with them, you last seen even typing and recording Toast also gets hidden. It’s a very magical feature. And makes our privacy more stable. 

Hide Conversations

To hide any of your chat, you can do this. Yes, dear Buddies All WhatsApp allows you to hide the chat without any issue. You can hide them in this way: Click on All WhatsApp > Tap on the plus(+) option > Add the desired conversation by securing Lock 

DND Mode 

This mode is very beneficial. When you are doing other necessary work on another app, you could enable this mode. After enabling DND Mode, you will not receive a Message or Call Notification anymore. No one can disturb you in doing your work. This work is beneficial for those who used to work late at night. 

Airplane Mode 

This feature is very similar to DND Mode. You can enable this feature call and the message will not reach you. You can do your work smoothly after you enable this. Also, this feature can be used when you go to sleep. 

Customization Attributes 

Customization Features of all whatsapp apk

To make the interface of your All WhatsApp more attractive you have the following customization features. You can use these features to decorate the interface and application.

Emoji Variant 

The best feature of All WhatsApp is to change your WhatsApp Emojis to a variety of different emojis from iOS, Facebook, System Emoji beta, etc. This will make your application more attractive. 

Theme Store 

The bundle of themes is available in All WhatsApp. You can select anyone of your choice. Also, the Backup and Restore themes Option is available, you can back up or restore any theme you want. 

Font Styles

To make the interface more eye-catching you need to change the font style and size. WhatsApp does not allow its users to change the style of Fonts as it has only a single font. But don’t be sad, this All WhatsApp has another mesmerizing and stunning feature of Fonts Styles. There are more than 20 font styles in this app. You can choose any one of your choices.

Color Palette

Different colors make the interface more beautiful. To make your interface more stylish and modern you can use different colors for Universal Bar, Contact Name, for text, and many more. You can change the color of the text in the message and also in your status. This feature is very interesting. 

Stickers Pack

A collection of different stickers is available in this app. You can download any status and add it to your favorite one. Also, you can download stickers for All WhatsApp. 

Security Attributes 

WhatsApp Lock 

To make your account more safe you have the option to lock your app. The Lock feature is also available in Official WhatsApp but it is present in this app with great modification and safety. The lock may be your fingerprint and in numbers or pin code. 

Limitation Attributes 

WhatsApp has no more limits to sending images, videos, files, and many more. But All WhatsApp has the below limitation features. 

Increase Forward Limit 

In Regular WhatsApp, you can only send or forward messages to only limited contacts that are five in number. But this extension has the modification of forwarding messages for many contacts at a time in only a single tap. 

Increase the Limit to select Chats 

If we want to delete a conversation in Official WhatsApp we delete it one by one separately. But this app allows you to select multiple chats at a time simultaneously. This feature is new and more modified in this version. 

GIF Duration

In Regular WhatsApp, you can only send a GIF of 6 seconds, but This WhatsApp feature allows you to send a GIF having 30 seconds of time duration.  

Send Many Images 

Dear Users, sending images via Official WhatsApp is a little bit tricky because you have to send the images in 30,30 packs. But this sneaky application provides the opportunity to send 90+ images in only one tap. Isn’t it interesting? If yes, then why are you waiting for it? Install the application and avail its benefits. 

Send Huge Files

In Regular WhatsApp, you can’t send huge files and other large-size videos. That puts down the rank of the application. To compensate for this problem install this application and try this feature for better results. 

Send Bulk of Data

Dear Users, if you are an office that needs to send a large amount of data from one person to another, then this feature is very helpful for you. With the use of this feature, you can send data up to the size of 1000 MB. This is an amazing attribute that this app provides to its users. 

A few more increased limitation features are as follows: 

  • You can add up to 600 contacts in a group 
  • You can write the status of more than 200 characters 
  • You can pin 100+ chats 
  • Video of more than 4-5 minutes can be sent easily 
  • Forward Messages to a maximum of 259 contacts at a time 
  • You can add 1024 contacts in a single Broadcast 


In the era of technology, everyone needs latest apps to make his/her life smooth and easy. Many features of WhatsApp make this app top to the moon. You can enjoy privacy, security, customization and many more features which makes your chatting experience easy and fast. You can use multiple features at the same time.

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Features of all WhatsApp APK
Here are some latest Features in 2024. You can read these features and take step to shift your chatting experience from typical WhatsApp to these WhatsApp modified versions. Take advantages of these WhatsApp Now.
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