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Fouad WhatsApp 

There are various types of messaging applications in this modern time. But a few more modifications are needed to be done in them. To get an application that has all new, unique, cool, and vibrant features is going to be discussed in this article. 

Fouad Whatsapp APK 2024

Dear Buddies, we are talking about the superb extension of WhatsApp, named Fouad WhatsApp. The detailed information about this application is going to be discussed next. Stay with us, to get the information about the mesmerizing and cool application. 

What is meant by Fouad WhatsApp? 

The Fouad WhatsApp also known as FM WhatsApp is the most modified and advanced version of Official WhatsApp. The mastermind behind this sneaky application is Fouad Mokdad, the developer of the app. The application has magical and interesting features that are beating the demand of Regular WhatsApp after every passing day. 

The Fouad WhatsApp is a fully loaded application with a variety of features. The features that this application offers to its users include privacy, security, customization, improved limitations features, etc. To get more info about Fouad WhatsApp stay connected with this content till the last phrase. 

Information about the Developer 

The developer of Fouad WhatsApp is Fouad Mokdad. This mindmaster launched this application in 2016. 

Information about Fouad’s WhatsApp 

App NameFouad WhatsApp
Size76 MB
Last UpdateMay 5, 2024
Latest VersionVersion 10.06
Fouad WhatsApp Information

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Android’s Requirements 

To make this application part of your Android make sure to fulfill all requirements that Android requires. The limitations of this gadget are as follows: 

  • The Android must be 5.1 or any other latest version 
  • There must be a vacant room of more than 85 MB to operate the app without any restriction 

After having these expenditures, move forward to download the app. 

How to download Fouad WhatsApp? 

How to download fouad whatsapp 2024

The procedure to download this application is not tricky. It is a sample like the procedure of other applications. You just need to follow the following steps to get the application on your device. 

  • Download the APK file of the application from any official source. 
  • Allow all the exchequers to download the app without any hurdle.
  • Move towards the Downloads of the device.
  • Locate the downloaded file of the app and open it.

After opening the downloading process is complete, now it’s time to install the application. For this do the next steps. 

Installation Commands for Fouad WhatsApp

How to install FOUAD WHATSAPP

The steps to install are as follows: 

  • Open the downloaded file of the app 
  • Tap on the Install Button 
  • Wait a few seconds to complete the download 

Yahoo!!!! The application is in your Android. Open the application and get the benefits of its mesmerizing features.

How to Login in Fouad WhatsApp? 

After Installing the application you need to log in or Sign In to the application. For this process, you need to follow the listed below steps:

  • Open the application 
  • Select the language 
  • Enter your Mobile Number 
  • Enter the OTP Code that will be sent to your given mobile number 
  • Click on Restore Option (this will help you to save your all previous Data)

Now, dear Users, you are fully ready to use the application without any restrictions.  

Download Procedure for PC 

The users of PC also have the opportunity to run this sneaky application on PC without any hurdle. To make any application part of a PC or Laptop it is necessary to have the Emulator. Without an emulator, you are not able to download any application. Follow the listed below ladder to achieve your goal.

  • Open the browser on your PC 
  • Search for BlueStacks Emulator 
  • Download the emulator 
  • Download the application from any authentic site
  • Open the emulator and paste the link of this application in the search bar
  • Select the desired application 
  • Click on Install Option 
  • After a short while, the application is installed and becomes part of your PC

Enjoy the application and get the benefits of its Magical and mesmerizing features. 

Is Fouad WhatsApp available for iOS devices? 

The iOS users unfortunately can’t enjoy this application. Because it is compatible with the iPhones and iPads. Fouad WhatsApp is only compatible with Android and PC devices. 

But the iOS doesn’t lose heart, it is possible that Fouad WhatsApp could soon be compatible with iPhones. If someone tells you that you can easily use Fouad WhatsApp on iPhone, then I advise you to stay away from that source because it’s all just spam. 

How to transfer your WhatsApp Data to Fouad WhatsApp?

Dear Fellows, you are fully able to install Fouad WhatsApp without losing any of your data. There are two methods to transfer the chats, the first one is a little bit tricky. So we bring the second method for you that is easy and everyone can understand. 

The steps for this chat migration are listed below: 

  • Step 1: Open the WhatsApp Messenger from your device 
  • Step 2: Go to the Settings 
  • Step 3: Tap on Chats and then Chat Backup 
  • Step 4: Now, it’s time to install the WhatsApp 
  • Step 5: Now, Login into Fouad WhatsApp 
  • Step 6: You will be asked for Restore Option, just tap it 
  • Step 7: Enter your Mobile Number OTP, and other necessary detail 

Your chats are restored and all are available in Fouad WhatsApp. Enjoy the application and share it with your friends. 

Latest Version 2024 of Fouad WhatsApp 

The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp 2024 is v 10.06

This version has a variety of new features that are very popular and asked by users. This version was launched in May 2024, along with the addition of new features and more improvements in the recent features. This version is now divided into three portions, which are named Enabled Features, Exclusive Features, and Fixed Features. 

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp


Key Features

Disable Forwarding Tag


Download Status

Schedule Message

Mass Message Sender 


Send file in Zip Format


Message a Number

Privacy Attributes

Freeze Last Seen 

Hide Status View 

Anti-Revoke Messages 

Anti-Delete Status

Hide Blue Tick 

Blue Tick after the reply 

Anti-View Once Media 

Who can Call me? 

Caller ID? 

Hide Media 

Always Online Status 

Hide Online Status

Hide Conversations

DND Mode 

Airplane Mode 

Customization Attributes 

Emoji Variant 

Theme Store 

Font Styles

Color Palette

Tick Style 

Stickers Pack

Security Attributes 

WhatsApp Lock 

Limitation Attributes 

Increase Forward Limit 

Increase Limit select Chats 

GIF Duration

Send Many Images 

Send Huge Files

Send Bulk of Data

Note: Read More Features.

What’s new in the latest version? 

The latest versions have a lot of unique features that are very cool and vibrant. Most of the features are enabled now and the rest of the recent features got fixed. 

This latest version has the addition of exclusive features. The Exclusive features that this version contains are as given below: 

  • Random clash in Chats or Groups [Fixed] 
  • Crashes [Fixed] 
  • Fixation of Bugs 
  • Crash on Story Opening [Fixed] 
  • You can share your status on Facebook as well 
  • Change setting layout 
  • A translation Feature has been added 
  • Anti-Ban [Improved] 
  • Expanded the time limit of Disappearing Message from 24 to 90 days
  • Send images of full-resolution 
  • Pack of emojis, stickers, and themes 

Which features are expected in the upcoming version? 

The features that are highly expected in the next versions of the application are regarding privacy features, limitation features, etc. Version 10.00 is expected to come in the next few days. The fixation of bugs and Anti-Ban protection will become part of the next upcoming version. 

Latest update of 2024 Version 

Downloadd Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version

The version 10.06 has been updated recently on May 6 ,2024. This update has many new modifications and also many attributes get fixed. 

What people search for this app? 

The questions that are asked by our users very frequently about the app are about its safety, quality, Anti-Ban issues, and many more. People always search these types of queries on Google to satisfy themselves before downloading any application. The more FAQs about the app that people mostly search or ask for will be discussed in detail in the FAQs section. 

How to update Fouad’s WhatsApp? 

The updating of Fouad WhatsApp, unlike the other applications, takes work. You need to uninstall the app and then download the latest updated version. Only in this way can you update the app. It looks tricky but this is the best way to update your app to get new features and updates. To make the process easy for the users the steps are given below: 

  • Open the application 
  • Go to Fouad WhatsApp setting 
  • Click on Updates
  • Delete the old version 
  • Download new version 

Fouad WhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp 

fouad whatsapp vs official whatsapp
Fouad WhatsApp VS Official WhatsApp 

Why should we use Fouad WhatsApp instead of Official WhatsApp? 

download fouuad whatssapp apk updated version 2024

The query can arise: why only Fouad WhatsApp instead of Regular WhatsApp? I think you all get the best answer after reading the article. We prefer Fouad WhatsApp over Regular WhatsApp because of the presence of unlimited features, and privacy attributes. The features that this application has are not found in Official WhatsApp. The Fouad WhatsApp provides very cool tools to its users that make their chatting environment more interesting and stylish. 

Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp 

The benefits that this application provides to its users are as given below: 

  • This application provides you with greater Customization features to make your app more cool and attractive. 
  • Privacy features like hide Blue tick, hide chat, hide status view, hide online view, and many more are present in this application.
  • You can set the status for more than 30 seconds. 
  • The increased limit of sending images, videos, and large-size files increases the demand for the app among our users. 
  • You can use two accounts with different mobile numbers on the same device. This feature is not available in most of the extensions of WhatsApp. 
  • The application has a very cool interface that is very easy to understand. 
  • The most important benefit of the app is that it is free of any cost. You can install it via any authentic website at zero cost. 
  • The app free from Ads 

Disadvantages of Fouad WhatsApp 

There is no doubt that Fouad WhatsApp offers a variety of unique features to its users, but there are a few harms or disadvantages of this application that exist. A few cons that Fouad WhatsApp possesses are in the following bullets. 

  • Privacy Concerns related to data and other information 
  • Risk of getting banned 
  • A few security issues (if you don’t install the app via any trustworthy website) 

Final Saying 

Fouad WhatsApp is such an amazing and interesting application that has all the required features for users. This app is the best messaging application with a lot of interesting and stunning features. This application contains many interesting features that are not present in Official WhatsApp. 

If you are a user of WhatsApp, you will feel a huge change when you use this application. I recommend you try the app, and I can say that your experience will be beyond words after trying this. 


The most asked questions about the application from our users are given below: 

Is there any virus in the app? 

The application of Fouad WhatsApp is free from any Virus, Malware, ads, etc. This application is the best and most secure application as compared to the rest of the mods of WhatsApp. You can choose this version without any fear of security concerns. 

Is this application compatible with iPhones? 

This application is unfortunately not suitable for iOS devices. It is only compatible with Android devices.

Is it possible to run WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp on the same cell phone? 

Yes, it is possible to run both applications on the same Mobile phone without any restrictions. 

A few users feel difficulty in installing the app, why? 

If you are installing the application from any unauthentic sources, it can be possible to face difficulty in the installation process. Also if you don’t allow the unknown resources to install the app, then this difficulty can also be faced. To sort out this difficulty you should install the application via any trustworthy source or platform.

What are the other names of Fouad WhatsApp? 

Fouad WhatsApp is also well known for its different names. A few of these names are WA Fouad, Ford WhatsApp, Fraud WhatsApp, Fond WhatsApp, Feud WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Fouad. 

Does this app have DND Mode? 

Yes, DND Mode is present in Fouad WhatsApp. DND means Do Not Disturb. 

Can I run the app without an Internet connection? 

No, it is not possible to operate the application without the Internet. You need to Turn On the Internet while Calling, Messaging, and Updating Status. 

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